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TextNowTextNow v3.4.6 is a communication app specifically for Android devices but is available across all the platforms. Launched in 2009, TextNow v3.4.6 has brought a new feature in the communication app revolution. TextNow v3.4.6 has introduced the concept of virtual phone number. After creating an account in TextNow v3.4.6, the users will be presented with few virtual phone numbers and the users have to choose one of these virtual phone numbers and then they can use this phone number to communicate with other people.

Due to this unique feature, you should also try using TextNow v3.4.6 on your Android. If you are a resident of USA or Canada, you can use this virtual phone number feature for talking to other people. This feature can be used for a limited duration. However, the users can increase the time of call duration by watching sponsored ads and downloading sponsored advertisements. Today, in this post we will first go through the features of the app and then we will discuss how you can download TextNow v3.4.6 and install the app on your device.

Features of TextNow v3.4.6

If you are looking for a refreshing communication app, then, TextNow v3.4.6 is the communication app for you. Here are the important features of TextNow v3.4.6.

  • You can send unlimited messages.
  • You make unlimited calls.
  • A virtual phone number can be used by the users to contact with other people.
  • TextNow v3.4.6 is available across all the platforms.
  • The call duration can be increased by watching and downloading sponsored ads and apps.

Now that you know the highlights of the app, let us proceed to the downloading section of the app.

Download TextNow v3.4.6

TextNow v3.4.6 can be installed by following the simple steps given below.

  1. Go to “Settings” and toggle on “Unknown Source”.
  2. Download TextNow v3.4.6 for Android.
  3. Tap on the downloaded TextNow v3.4.6.
  4. Give the required permission to the app by tapping on “Install”.

Now, wait for few seconds for the successful installation of the app to be completed. After the app is installed, TextNow v3.4.6 app icon will be visible on the smartphone. Tap on this app icon and you will successfully launch the app. All you need to do now is create your user account and then you can start sending messages and making calls.


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