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TextNowThough there are many apps available out there, nothing can beat TextNow. It is because the app is filled with many new and wonderful features. The result of it was the popularity of the app among ten million years.

The app stood out among other messaging apps because of the updated and promising features that it had. In this post, I will first tell you about the features of the app and then if you like it, you can just proceed with the downloading procedure of it.

Features of TextNow

Here are the key features of TextNow app:

  • Customized phone numbers can be created for making your account.
  • You can send unlimited calls, texts and messages.
  • It allows you to make cheap international calls.
  • You can send pictures, gifs like any other messaging app.
  • The app can be password protected and you can even use the Google Smart Lock for it.
  • It enables you to send signatures with the messages that you are sending.
  • Customized ringtones and backgrounds can be chosen by you for your contacts.
  • The widget of the app can be used for your easy access.
  • The app is available for multiple platform and the messages across the platforms allows you to synch everything seamlessly.

If you think that TextNow can be of any benefit, then you can proceed to the next section to know how you can download the app.

Download TextNow for PC

TextNow can be downloaded on your PC, just like any other software on your computer. Follow the step guide given below to download and install TextNow on your PC easily.

  1. Download EXE File. Supports Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.
  2. Find the downloaded file on your PC and open it.
  3. Install the file in your PC.
  4. Sign up in your TextNow account.
  5. You can now use TextNow in your PC.

With the last step, the app will be installed on your computer successfully, After that all you need to do is launch the app.

Wrap Up

After successfully installing the app on your PC, open the icon of the app on your PC to open it. After that you need to create your account in TextNow. Then you can just start sending unlimited calls and texts with near and dear ones.

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